"Goddess Protector"


Original artwork 18x24in mixed media oil on canvas 1.25 inch deep. 

This piece is one of my favorites. The name resembles exactly that, the protector of the Goddess within. I love to connect with my inner Divinity, with both my feminine and masculine energies that together create a powerful force that helps me manifest and accomplish my wildest dreams. 

I also love to think that I have Spirit animals and Spirit guides watching over me and protecting me in my path. The lioness is a fierce symbolic energy. It's symbol relates to the Great Mother, protection and intuitive power. 

Get this piece as a statement of protection around your home. Hang it somewhere you will always be reminded that you have an immense power within you and that you'll always be guided towards your destiny. 


Thanks for supporting my journey ♥


PS: This piece comes ready to hang with wires on the back.



Dear collector, because I live in the mountains and sometimes we get the heaviest of the heavy storms of snow, shipping may be delayed. It also takes me some time to wrap the piece and package it properly so nothing gets damaged in the process. Allow from 3 to 20 business days for the piece to be shipped and delivered. 

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