"Camino a la Luz"

Camino a la Luz (Road to the Light). 30x40in. Mixed Media in Gallery Wrapped Canvas. 

This painting has many symbolic meanings. I was inspired in the Universal symbols of power, strength, femininity and courage. As we grow and evolve in our spiritual journey, we confront many of our shadows and many obstacles where God/Spirit puts us to test and constantly asks us "Do you have the courage to step into your Destiny? Do you have what it takes to walk the path towards Enlightenment?"

Every day we are given an opportunity to walk the path that our Soul wants us to pursue. When we came into this physical reality, we had a blueprint, sort of like a map, that was implanted by our Soul in order to complete it. That road, or map, takes us to our Highest Potential, it takes us back home. In this journey you'll be faced with different choices and actions to choose. Some of those choices will take you far away from your purpose, and some will bring you close. It is up to you to decide what road to take. 

Are you going to choose fear, hate, resentment, pride? Or are you going to choose Love, acceptance, compassion and grace? Depending on your choices, you will be tested and each time, you'll graduate and evolve into a different level, a level that brings you closer to Light, to God. 

The Lion represents the gatekeeper. It will be there to see if you have what it takes to cross into the Highest path destiny, and with courage to walk into your destiny, you'll have to know yourself and integrate the forces of good and bad. You'll have to confront and integrate your shadows, come at peace with them, purge what no longer serves you, and become a lighter being. One that is One with All and Loves it All. 


About shipping and handling:

Since this piece is big and heavy, I will require at least 2-4 weeks to package and send to its destination. Please be patient, as I will add another layer of varnish and will need a really good package so that it doesn't get damaged while traveling. 

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