Murals for Indoor/Outdoor commercial or residential space.

Painting on large scale is one of my favorite forms of expression. It's a perfect way to create a visual impact on people's work or home environment. One of my goals in creating murals is to make people feel drawn to the art and evoke a positive emotion as they walk by it. I seek to satisfy my clients by providing a mural that will enhance the mood in their home or work space and that it can communicate the brand of their business. 


Photos of previous murals done by Astrid Carolina:

Highpoint Villa Mural in Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras
Galaxy door, residential home. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Re-evolucion, Mural in Managua, Nicaragua
Om Mandala in Buen Karma Yoga Studio, Managua, Nicaragua
Mural at Hostel in Granada, Nicaragua.