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"Bloomed" 16x20in Original Painting

"Bloomed" 16x20in Original Painting

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"Bloomed" 16x20in Mixed Media & Oils on Paper Original Painting

Like a flower when its blooming, "Bloomed" is the moment when you're thriving. This painting is inspired by artist Alexis Rakun, one of my inspirations. I got inspired to paint her because of watching her growth in her art career and seeing her bloom reminded me that it's possible for me to Bloom as well. It's a reminder to persevere and stay true to who you are always.

It's a reminder that even when things look hard, you can always bloom. A flower doesn't stop growing because of what it thinks. It will seek growth regardless of the external weather conditions. It will seek Light whenever possible. 

That's how we should live. Seeking light and growth always regardless of the external conditions. To continue to do what we're meant to do in this life. In my case, to continue to paint and teach, regardless of what my mind says or what happens around me. 


About the Process:

This painting was done in mixed media and oils on arches 300gsm paper.  


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No refunds. 

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