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“Divine Feminine Goddess” Original Painting

“Divine Feminine Goddess” Original Painting

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16x20 in. Mixed Media on Archival Paper

his physical reality is composed of two energies: masculine and feminine. It has nothing to do with gender. It’s what the ancient Chinese philosophy calls the yin/yang or what the Hindu call the “Shiva and Shakti”. In psychology I like to call it the right/left brain hemisphere. Shiva, Yang or the left brain represents the masculine energy which represents consciousness and in physical reality it can be very direct, focused, rational and analytical.

The Yin, Shakti, and right hemisphere of our brain is more flowing, expressive, raw and wild. These both energies are present within all of us and together they create this physical reality. Today, there is an imbalance of both energies and we’re being called to step into our femininity, regardless of whether you are woman or man.

This painting represents the Divine Feminine, or Shakti. The Mother Goddess responsible for creation and also the Warrior and the dark Goddess of Destruction restoring balance.

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