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Gateway Guardian

Gateway Guardian

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“Gateway Guardian” (Guardian de la Entrada)

16x20in mixed media & oils on canvas. 

I have this idea about the evolution of our Spirit. 
I believe that as we grow and evolve we transcend planes and realms. We become closer and closer to Light, to God, to Infinity. As we do this, we climb levels that make us more lighter and more connected to our Spirit. 

I believe it to be like a school, where you pass on a grade and after you pass you’re in a newer, higher level. It’s not that you are better than the people in the previous level, it just means you have acquired more skills and more knowledge. And i believe Life to be like that.

When we see a brother or sister who has more experience or more wisdom than us, it doesn’t mean they’re better, it just means they can guide our path to make it easier. 

The same goes as we climb the ladder of evolution. As we grow in levels, we have to pass that grade and in order to do that, we’re sort of “tested”. Here, the Gateway Guardian will put you to test. Test your own fears and see how much courage, Trust and Faith you have to climb the upper levels. If anything, he’ll fight you, grawl at you, scratch you or even dismiss you. But, once you pass, you reach a whole new realm, a whole new level, a whole new Self, the one that you’ve been searching for. 

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