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"In Jah's Kingdom" 30x40in Original Painting

"In Jah's Kingdom" 30x40in Original Painting

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"In Jah's Kingdom" 30x40in mixed media and oils on canvas.

This piece is one of my favorite ones I've created my whole life. I am feeling like it's time to let this precious gem go on to its new home. 

This piece speaks about the future vision we have as humanity. The Kingdom of God that we all seek to reach at some point. The Kingdom of God lives within you, it's about bringing Heaven to Earth, to open the door for Christ Consciousness to emerge with our world. 

This painting is a symbol of hope, of unconditional love and a reminder that the Earth we seek begins with our personal choices, thoughts and actions. What we choose everyday gets us closer to the life we dream of or gets us farther away. 

This piece is very dear to me for its power and its emanating strength. It was on top of my desk and next to my easel for several months as inspiration and a constant reminder to pursue my dreams. The vision your soul holds dear is right around the corner. Don't forget to enjoy the process of unfolding and remember to stay strong and keep your head high as you walk your destiny. The destiny you choose that is harmonious, exciting and forever loving. 


About the Process:

This piece is made with acrylic inks, acrylics, collage, spray paint and oil paintings. It has a varnish layer that will protect the painting for years to come.

About shipping and handling:

Since this piece is big and heavy, I will require at least 2-4 weeks to package and send to its destination. Please be patient, as I will add another layer of varnish and will need a really good package so that it doesn't get damaged while traveling. 

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