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In Jah's Kingdom Tapestry

In Jah's Kingdom Tapestry

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This unique design tapestry is a print from an original painting "In Jah's Kingdom". You can use this to beautifully adorn your wall and is perfect for a bed, couch and even to take to the beach! This classic blanket adds a perfect touch to any interior. 

The painted artwork reminds you of your inner strength, inner power and inner magic. Each door is a portal to a new destiny and each one takes you to a different path. You have the power to create the reality you want for yourself and this cozy blanket can give you that daily reminder. 


About the tapestry:

* 100% cotton size 37x52in
* Odour and stain resistant
• Hypoallergenic
• Machine wash cold and gentle cycle
* Colors may vary due to woven process


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