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"La Loba"

"La Loba"

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Original artwork 24x30in mixed media oil on canvas. 

This piece is an inspiration from the book "Women Who Run with The Wolves". It's a classic book every woman should read I believe. When I began reading it again, I decided I wanted to paint something that represented how I feel about the Wild Woman archetype. I believe we all carry this wildness within that gets the best out of us. We can then tap into our intuition, our creativity, our sensual powers that enables us to live our best life. 

I've also felt very connected to wolves. They are one of my favorite animals and definitely a Spirit animal. Since a little girl I grew up with my husky dog Zeus. At a time, we had about 4-5 huskies that were the wolf pack of the house.  Zeus was my main dog and I always felt protected and safe around him. He used to melt my heart whenever I would caress his cheeks and talk to him softly. Since then I've felt a connection to wolves and their spirit. 

I hope this piece can remind you of your innate wild powers. Even if you are a man, you can tap into your feminine energy, where you can connect deeper with your senses and intuition and allow more creativity to flow through you. 

Thanks for supporting my journey ♥


PS: This piece comes ready to hang with wires on the back.



Dear collector, because I live in the mountains and sometimes we get the heaviest of the heavy storms of snow, shipping may be delayed. It also takes me some time to wrap the piece and package it properly so nothing gets damaged in the process. Allow from 3 to 20 business days for the piece to be shipped and delivered. 

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