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Luminous Presence

Luminous Presence

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“Luminous Presence” 12x16in mixed media on 300gsm paper - original painting

I created this piece while traveling to Athens, Georgia for an art apprenticeship at my school Milan Art Institute. 

I didn’t have a plan for it other than paint one of my favorite animals- the wolf. As I sketched it, I was drawn to paint a portal right behind him with a luminous being emerging from it. It reminded me of the light-heartedness of children and elevated beings, who love unconditionally. 

What emanated from that painting was pure benevolence and innocence. That it doesn’t matter where we come from or what we’ve done, there are always higher beings who will see the beauty and light within us and support us in reaching our highest self. They are there to guide us and protect us along the way. I felt complete awe as I created this piece and it’s one of my favorite paintings so far. 

I wish this painting can remind you of your Spirit guides and Spirit animals, who are always there to help and guide you whenever you seek their help. You are not alone.


About the Process:

charcoal, graphite, carandache, acrylic markers, and acrylics on high quality paper.


Shipping & handling:

Free shipping within the U.S. Due to long wait times in my hometown, expect delays on shipping. Ships within 3-5 business days. 

Refund policy:

No refunds once purchased. 

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