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"Queen of Her Universe"

"Queen of Her Universe"

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Original artwork 18x24in mixed media oil on canvas.

What do you think she is thinking?

As I was designing this piece before I painted it, I was thinking about Divine Feminine and/or Divine Goddess. That Goddess that lives within our hearts. We all have a Divine Goddess within us, even if you are male. Is that feminine aspect of you. Intuitive, creative, soft and sweet. 

But, if you are a woman, you'll resonate with this painting as you are the magical QUEEN of your UNIVERSE. That means, the Queen of your LIFE. You set the rules of how you want to play this game called life. You have an immense power within you that can create and design the life of your dreams. 

Her expression still makes me study this painting a bit further. Sometimes I create something that ends up teaching me something. My senses tell me she's looking at the path towards her Destiny. Towards Light, towards God and all Good in her Life. She has that available at all times, and every single thought, word and action that comes in has to be aligned to that version of her that she wants to be. 

How does a Queen act in her own kindgom? How will your best self be acting and thinking? How are you aligning with that version of yourself everyday?


Dear collector, because I live in the mountains and sometimes we get the heaviest of the heavy storms of snow, shipping may be delayed. It also takes me some time to wrap the piece and package it properly so nothing gets damaged in the process. Allow from 3 to 20 business days for the piece to be shipped and delivered. 

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