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"Recognize Yourself" 16x20 in acrylic ink sketch

"Recognize Yourself" 16x20 in acrylic ink sketch

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"Recognize Yourself" 16x20 in acrylic ink sketch


This piece is a reminder for you to recognize yourself and all your accomplishments. Your negative thoughts will want to make you think that you're worthless or incapable. 

But you can work with your mind and learn to make it your friend, one that can help you grow and thrive. You can train your mind to work in your favor. By constantly reminding it how great you are and all the things you've been able to overcome, it will start to embrace those thoughts which will make you feel better and move you to make better choices. 


About the Process:

This sketch was done with acrylic inks and acrylics on arches watercolor high quality paper. 


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No refunds. 

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