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“Resilient” 12x16in original painting

“Resilient” 12x16in original painting

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“Resilient” 12x16in mixed media on 300gsm paper - original painting 

This piece reminds me of the animals living in the wild. How rough it can be for them to search for food and try to stay alive in the most hardest conditions. Yet, they prevail and keep going, always striving to survive and thrive.

Personally, the hardest moments in my life have shaped me into who I am today, and Im able to share with others my struggles and how I’ve able to overcome them. For me, the most inspiring people are not the ones that were handed everything on a silver platter, to me, those who struggled and overcame their deepest pains are the ones that truly move me and remind me that if they could do it, i can too.

Never forget that even when you’ve gone through the hardest of times, those precise moments are the ones who will make you stronger and allow you to quickly recover from other challenges. and as you do, you’ll be able to inspire others who’ve gone through the same path.

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