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Original artwork - Painting Sketch. 12x16in Mixed media on archival 300gsm paper. Available UNFRAMED. 



I made this sketch channeling the wise and wild side within me. I've always felt a bit of a rebel and someone that would question almost everything. I was always questioning why things were the way the were or why we have to follow certain rules. I always saw the messed up things in life and asked myself why does this happen? 

At a certain moment in my life I was a bit of an activist and searched for social justice. I was upset with how the system worked and was not going to follow the crowd and the trends. I did volunteer work for many years back home in Nicaragua, and searched for justice within the social classes. I dedicated around 4 years of my life volunteering and finding ways to better the quality of life of communities in extreme poverty. 

Although I am not volunteering anymore and my priorities have changed in the past decade, there is still a wild, wise, rebel side of me. I seek to find Truth in things, find environmental harmony and promote people and brands that are doing good things for humanity.  I seek to find Truth in myself and work in doing the best I can with the resources I have. 

This sketch is a reminder of not conforming to what society or governmental authorities say is the norm. Always question things. Question even your thoughts and your conditioning and programming. Seek Truth and act with integrity aligned with what you believe is right for you.


Dear collector, because I live in the mountains and sometimes we get the heaviest of the heavy snow storms, shipping may be delayed. It also takes me some time to wrap the piece and package it properly so nothing gets damaged in the process. Allow from 3 to 20 business days for the piece to be shipped and delivered. 

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