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"Staying True to Myself"

"Staying True to Myself"

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Original artwork. 12x16in Mixed media on archival 300gsm paper. Available UNFRAMED. 


I remember before doing this piece I was constantly thinking about what to add in the background. I had been a little bit frustrated with myself because I wasn't enjoying my process and I was trying to make art that I knew people would like. I wanted to make art that I knew my colleagues and my teachers would approve of. I wanted to put some words and I looked at her expression. I kept hearing the words "fuck it". 

But then I started thinking "What if no one likes it?" "What if people think is too vulgar?" "What would people think of me?" and I kept hearing "Fuck IT" 

After some time fighting my mind I asked myself "do I really wanna write that? does it resonate with how i'm feeling right now? YES!" So I wrote it and did not allow myself to erase it or paint over it. 

For me this is the representation of allowing yourself to be YOU. I believe staying true to yourself can be challenging AF! sometimes it takes a lifetime to be okay with being who you are. We are constantly fearing if we'll be rejected, or if we won't be liked by others or what others would say. I am learning to be okay with being weird and being my most authentic self and that takes a lot of COURAGE!

If you feel the same way, where you constantly ask yourself if wearing this or doing that will make people not like you or criticize you, this painting is for you! As a reminder that "FUCK IT" If I like it, I'll wear it, if I feel in my core that I should say or write this, I will! If I wanna go this place and no one will join me, I'll still go because I truly deeply want to go!

Stay true to yourself, always ask yourself, is this something I really want? Is this really me? or am I doing this to please others or am I NOT doing something because of FEAR? 

If you're doing or not doing something out of fear of rejection or fear of criticism, think twice and align yourself with WHO YOU REALLY ARE!


Dear collector, because I live in the mountains and sometimes we get the heaviest of the heavy snow storms, shipping may be delayed. It also takes me some time to wrap the piece and package it properly so nothing gets damaged in the process. Allow from 3 to 20 business days for the piece to be shipped and delivered. 

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