Soulful Art & Workshops to Remind You of Your Worth and Inner Magic ✧

by Astrid C. Mendieta

"Portals to My Inner Realms"

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"When I first saw Astrid's artwork, I was instantly captivated by her painting "Connecting Through". During this time, I had completely lost my sense of self worth and identity; and I was currently working on finding myself and healing what was broken. All the way across the art gallery, I instantly connected with this piece and that piece alone. It made me feel as though someone put onto a canvas what seemed to be a complete understanding of me, my struggles and my surrender to the universe. It was as though with that surrender, it connected me to all that is divine and all that is in this world and it was perfectly captured onto a canvas. I have never felt so much emotion for artwork in my life, but this painting saved me. It was as though I was not alone. It serves as a reminder every single day that I connect, I am connected and I am divine. I am grateful every morning I wake up and view it, Astrid's work touches the heart and soul. Her positive energy transends her physical being"

- Katrina Kong